Many members have been inquiring about VSTA apparel. As always, new members will receive a free t-shirt, but those members looking to purchase a new t-shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt or a sweatshirt can do so by clicking here. There is no obligation to purchase and this is not a fundraiser for the VSTA.


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Legislative Breakfast

Scores of VSTA members, along with their parent partners, turned out on Saturday, March 12TH to let our legislators know the test and punish agenda must end and Valley Stream needs to get it's fair share of state aid.


Friedrichs V. California Teacher Association

The United States Supreme Court will begin hearing opening remarks on this case today.
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Forum on Public Education

On November 18, 2015 a Public Education Forum was held in Valley Stream. The event was coordinated by parent activists and VSTA was asked to lend a hand. Many members joined parents and community leaders with hundreds in attendance. The event enjoyed wide spread coverage on social media and in Newsday.


VSTA Executive Board Adopts I Refuse Policy

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VSTA Negotiations Update

As of May 11, 2015
Teachers   (settled)
TA's (HS)   (settled)
TA's (13)   (settled)
Teacher Aides (13)   (settled)
RN's   (settled)
E.O.P   (settled)
Supervisory Aides (HS)   (settled)

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VSTA Welfare Fund Annual Report

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Pouring Out Hearts In Pouring Rain

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