VSTA Contract Approved by Members

With nearly nine out of ten voters supporting the tentative settlement, VSTA members approved a new five year agreement with the four Valley Stream Boards of Education. A detailed analysis of the vote has been sent to each unit leader. The Negotiating Team would like to thank the membership for the overwhelming vote of confidence.

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VSTA Awards Scholarships to Graduating Seniors

We are very happy to award the seventh annual Valley Stream High School Teachers Scholarship to two deserving graduates, Christopher Chong and Tanish Verneus. In 1957, a group of high school teachers, with the assistance and support of the Valley Stream Teachers Association, formed the Valley Stream High Schools Benevolent Fund. This membership corporation was designed to provide short term loans to teachers experiencing dire financial need. Fundraising events were held and the fund grew over the years. This fund was particularly important because the fifties and early sixties were times when salaries were particularly low and current benefits were either non-existent or not very good. As salaries and benefits began to improve there was less of a need for this fund and it fell into disuse. Recently, VSTA leadership decided to expand the mission of the fund to include scholarships for our graduates.

Constitution And Bylaw Review Committee

At the March Executive Council Meeting delegates voted to form a committee to review the VSTA constitution and bylaws. As part of the process each member will be given an opportunity to provide input into the committee’s deliberations. Very shortly you will receive correspondence from committee chair Joe Mangini (VP-24) in your school mailbox. Please take a moment to respond. Further information regarding the process can be found in the March 2014 Presidents Report. In addition, updates will be provided at unit meetings and at each months executive council meeting. Please contact your unit leader with any questions or if you have interest in serving on this committee. It is expected the committee will present a formal report to the executive council in November of 2014. Please click here for the most current copy of the constitution.

VSTA Welfare Fund Annual Report

Click here for the most current copy of the annual fincancial report.